Weddings are undoubtedly amongst the most challenging area of photography. The most important day of the couples lives are left entirely in the hands of the photographer. There is no opportunity for re-takes or re-runs! The photographer is tasked with capturing the event in a manner that will be cherished and enjoyed by generations. Our team of professionals are experts in this field with over 40 years of specialized experience in wedding & bridal photography. We ensure that your guests are at ease and we adopt a non-intrusive approach. Let us provide you with original and creative work that will be enjoyed long after the honeymoon is over .

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Alicia & Deon

Amith & Nirupa

Donovan & sumendri

Edlayne & Palan

Henko & Parusha

Logan & Dineshree

Nitesh & Aarti

Nadir & Dilshad

Reesha & Thushen

Rommy & Paresh

Ronelle & Dharshen

Sean & Desiree

Terrance & Tanya

Zaahir & Marees

Zama & Nlakani